Cybersecurity, Compliance, and Virtual CIO as a Service – Red Cup IT, Inc.

Cybersecurity as a Service

Red Cup IT is purpose-built to provide Advanced Cybersecurity and IT services to
mid-sized companies and enterprises.

Our Services

Red Cup IT is a Managed Service provider that specializes in
IT operations support, security, and the delivery of complex projects

Managed IT Services

Red Cup IT is purpose-built to provide a scalable range of Managed IT Services. Unlike other MSPs, we enter relationships with flexibility. We do not come in expecting to take over full operations. Red Cup IT cooperates with our in-house IT partners to provide the right services in the most effective manner.

Security Solutions

All of our work — MSP services, projects, and skill augmentation — come with a comprehensive focus on security. We consistently provide our clients with cutting-edge security solutions that work effectively. Red Cup IT openly shares our knowledge of security protocols, practices, and procedures with our in-house IT partners and end users.

Project Delivery

This is where Red Cup IT shines above the crowd of MSP service providers. We will include technical projects in our continuous services contracts or delivered as one-off project work. Our capability to deliver the hard or unique projects that impact both business and IT operations is well-honed.

IT Skill Augmentation

This is another area of Red Cup IT services that shines above the crowd of MSPs. If our clients need us to provide hard-to-find skills, we will provide them. This includes extending our SME-class expertise across all contracts and projects. We are in business to service all our clients’ IT skill needs, not just rank-and-file MSP skills.

Security Focused

Our clients rely on us to keep the systems and projects
we support airtight in security. At this, we are experts.


A vital fundamental of security provisioning is the implementation of secure IT platforms upon which end users work. We often start with audit and compliance surveys. Red Cup IT services can then extend through the deployment of highly secure SSO platforms and endpoint management.


Another fundamental of security provisioning is the enablement and training of end users in the secure use of their IT environments. We provide end-user training, constantly monitor the use of their platforms, and deploy pro-active security response technology to stop threats before they become problems.


Red Cup IT’s teams and technical experts are IT department
friendly. We seek to add value by being a part of the team.

Team Players

Skill sharing and knowledge transfer with our in-house IT partners and end users are fundamental to our delivery culture. We respect our IT colleagues as experts in their areas of specialization. A culture of mutual trust and respect develops. We cooperate with our clients to achieve best-in-class results.

Technology Leaders

Rank-and-file MSP services abound. Red Cup IT steps beyond this. We hire and retain technical staff who are top experts in their field. From there, they enthusiastically continue their skill enhancement so that Red Cup IT delivers technology leadership to our clients.

Example Projects

One of the hallmarks of our services is the capability to
deliver complex projects in addition to managed services


Red Cup IT has developed top-in-class expertise
in core IT infrastructure and operations solutions

Architecture Specialists

Red Cup IT brings a team of technical experts who can scope and design complex integrated platforms. Our multi-solution platforms seamlessly integrate multiple technologies into a unified end-user experience. Following implementation, Red Cup IT provides the services for long-term.

Full Support

One hallmark of our services is Red Cup IT’s white-glove service. For example, to simplify the end-user experience and reduce budget, we provide automated deployment and provisioning services. At the end-user layer, we offer both standard and extended support that include both in-office and remote environments. 

SaaS Applications

We invest in the deep technical training of our delivery
experts. We share that expertise openly with our clients.

Integration Specialists

Red Cup IT understands both the hardware and software layers of integration. We can implement APIs from multiple vendors to seamlessly integrate hardware and software solutions into a unified end-user experience that saves them time and increases security. We take the heavy lifting off of internal IT so that they may focus on their strategic and business objectives.

Full Life cycle Support

Red Cup IT provides a full lifecycle of SaaS application deployment services. Our teams of technical experts can develop solution customization strategies and create deployment roadmaps. From there, we offer physical deployment services that ensure applications are rolled out safely and effectively. Through our white-glove support, we constantly monitor applications and preemptively resolve issues for end users.

Our Values

Red Cup IT focuses on developing excellent relationships

with our internal IT partners.  We are team players.

Work With Our Exec Leadership

Our business and technical leadership prides themselves in consistent involvement with our clients. Direct connections to the CEO, CTO, and the Head of Business Development are provided. When executive-level responses are needed, we are there in real-time to make them.

Continuous Tech Training

We hire employees who are go-getters in their personal skill development. We provide paths for technology skill learning, certifications, and intra-company knowledge sharing. Our company culture ensures we retain top technical talent when the rest of the IT skill market is vibrating with turnover.

Consistent Staffing

Unlike many MSPs, we assign specific resources to support our clients. Our support staff gets to know their clients intimately. Resources who are experts in their client’s technical and business operations respond to support requests. We believe in business relationship development to the same degree as technical expertise provisioning.

Positive Culture

We are a mature company staffed with people who treasure the work they do. Requests for assistance are answered with a focus on creating a positive end user experience. Technical services are delivered with a motivation to excel. Working with Red Cup IT brings a positive spirit to match that of our clients’ IT and business groups.

By The Numbers

Most of our clients have been with us for more

than five years. We become long-term allies.

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IT Skills and Capabilities

Our clients hire us for specific reasons. They want highly qualified MSP
and project delivery services that are in short supply in the market.
Red Cup IT maintains an extensive in-house skill inventory and excels in
retaining top technical talents.
This document provides a listing of the key skill sets we are prepared to
deliver in both MSP-style and one-off project environments.